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Ball matrix

Simple, Effective Electromagnetic Fluid Filtration


During operation, the magnet coil generates a magnetic field in the filter bed. The filter bed is made up of small magnetically susceptible stainless spheres that create a more intense localized magnetic field where they touch. When process fluid is moving through the bed, suspended magnetically susceptible material is captured by the localized magnetic fields. Once the filter bed is fully loaded with contaminates, the filter system is bypassed and flushed.

Cleaning the BallMatrix® filter is simple. According to preprogrammed time intervals, the filter automatically de-magnetizes the filter bed and reverses process flow through the bed, causing the spheres to tumble against each other for about 10 seconds. This tumbling action is key to removing accumulated debris from the spheres resulting in a completely clean filter bed. The entire flushing process takes approximately two minutes and frequency of flushing will depend on the concentration level of magnetically susceptible contaminates.


How it works

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