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The BallMatrix® Electromagnetic Fluid Filtration System from Milhous Company effectively removes suspended, magnetically susceptible material from process streams. Designed for automatic operation, this filtration system offers long-term cost and time savings as compared to traditional permanent magnet filtration systems. It removes 99% of magnetic contaminants, generates no waste products, and can operate under much higher temperatures and flow rates than traditional filters. Our proprietary design is configurable to existing systems for ease of use. Learn more about how our BallMatrix® filtration system works and why it would be beneficial for your operation.


BallMatrix® filters use electromagnetic filters (EMFs) for iron removal from fluid systems. The original purpose for EMFs was to eliminate magnetite (Fe3O4) from nuclear power systems and boiler condensate, where it is commonly present. However, these filters are also highly effective at removing cobalt, chromium, nickel, and other materials that form ferrites or spinel crystals.

EMF filters intensify magnetic force within a matrix to attract magnetic particles. The Milhous BallMatrix® filtration system utilizes a pressure vessel of carbon steel containing small, magnetizable stainless steel balls surrounded by a magnet coil and a corresponding cooling circuit. During electromagnetic fluid treatment operations, the magnet coil generates a magnetic field in the filter bed. The filter bed is made up of small, magnetically susceptible stainless spheres to create a more intense, localized magnetic field where they touch. When process fluid is moving through the bed, suspended magnetic particle material is captured by the localized magnetic fields. Once the filter bed is fully loaded with contaminates, the filter system is bypassed and flushed.

Cleaning the BallMatrix® filter is simple. According to preprogrammed time intervals, the filter automatically de-magnetizes the filter bed and reverses process flow through the bed, causing the magnetic spheres to tumble against each other for about 10 seconds. This tumbling action is key to removing accumulated debris from the spheres, resulting in a completely clean filter bed. The entire flushing process takes approximately two minutes, and the frequency of flushing will depend on the concentration level of magnetically susceptible contaminates.


How it works

Common Applications and Industries Served

Though the robust BallMatrix® filter was originally developed for use within the nuclear power industry on the secondary side of reactors, its applications have since expanded to include:

  • Boiler systems: Magnetite formation within a steam boiler system is costly due to increased maintenance, lost production time, and reduced boiler life span. The mature technology of the BallMatrix® filtration system has been used predominantly in industrial magnetic water treatments for industrial sectors like pulp and paper mills, filtering magnetite out of condensate from boilers and heat exchangers. The BallMatrix® filtration system can sufficiently handle the large flows required to efficiently filter out magnetite from large condensate streams.
  • Paint systems: The automotive industry uses BallMatrix® filters to remove 99% of weld balls and weld splatter from pretreatment or E-coat paint. This eliminates the likelihood of defects on one-coat paint vehicle surfaces, which would otherwise require manual rework, without diminishing the paint’s quality.
  • Fluid process streams (all fluids): A BallMatrix® filtration system has superior efficiency in the industrial fluid filtering of iron, removing magnetically susceptible particles from any fluid regardless of particle size, viscosity, or flow rate. In oil and gas refining, BallMatrix® filtration systems can remove fluid and particulate contaminants from feed streams and fluid recirculation processes, effectively improving downstream refining efficiency, minimizing maintenance downtime, and extending equipment lifespan. A BallMatrix® system is also useful for recovering precious metals contained in concentrated or diluted solutions, which is particularly helpful due to the diminishing availability of mineral sources, increasing demand, and environmental concerns.

Regardless of the application, our EMF filtration solutions are equally effective across diverse industries and fluid types.

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While the BallMatrix® Electromagnetic Fluid Filtration System is more expensive than traditional systems, its proprietary design offers higher filtration and operational efficiency, better functionality, lower ongoing costs, and reduced safety risks for a wide variety of applications. At Milhous, our team will work closely with you to determine your unique needs, such as American versus European systems or existing system requirements, to best configure a filtration solution for your application.

Our company adheres to the highest quality standards and is ISO 9001:2015 certified for our quality management system. This assures that our products and services meet our strict quality standards and demonstrates our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. 

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