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With our worldwide reputation as a leader in the field of magnetics, Milhous Company designs and manufactures sophisticated magnet systems for the high-energy physics, medical, power generation, and energy markets. We have a long history of service to prominent commercial entities, National Laboratories, and other prestigious research institutions. Using our highly respected design, analysis, and manufacturing capabilities, we work in close partnership with our clients to deliver solutions for the most challenging applications.

From initial concept development to production, we provide a portfolio of analytic and design services to ensure your components and systems meet specifications. Our activities include thermal and magnetic field modeling, material analysis, as well as full mechanical and electrical design. We use advanced software tools to provide drawings and 3D models for design verification of products such as electric motor windings, resistive and superconducting electromagnets, and electromagnetic coils.

Ramping up to manufacturing, our facility houses a complete CNC machining center for the fabrication of mandrels, molds, and component parts required for any project. Our winding and assembly equipment utilizes the best technologies available to industry today. We operate a test lab equipped with 3D scanning systems as well as advanced magnetic and electrical test instruments, enabling us to fully comply with the most stringent testing requirements.

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General Capabilities

Magnetic field modeling
Mechanical Design
Electrical Design
Thermal Modeling
Material Analysis
Conductor Design
CAD Drawing
SolidWorks 3D modeling
Coil Winding and Magnet Assembly for
Resistive and Superconducting Systems

Engineering Capabilities

Design Assistance
Design Verification
Reverse Engineering


Resistive and Superconducting Electromagnets
Electric Motor Winding
Electromagnetic Coils

Quality Control Equipment

HDI 3D Scanning
Coordinate Measurement Machine
Baker Motor Analyzers

Additional information

Industry Focus

Department of Energy
Department of Defense
High Energy Physics
Power Generation

Industry Standards

National Electric Code
ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management System
Medical Device Quality Management System

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