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Ball matrix

Simple, Effective Electromagnetic Fluid Filtration

Pretreat and e-coat filtration with ballmatrix®

The Milhous BallMatrix filtration system removes 99% of weld balls from your Pretreat/E-coat paint with no loss of paint quality, saving you more time and money than any other filtration system on the market.

With over four decades of experience, no other company has been able to compete with the BallMatrix filtration system. We offer the most simple, yet effective, system on the market; operating on only 16.5 kVA of power consumption while filtering up to 2,300 gallons per minute of any liquid at 99% efficiency.

Typically, filter maintenance can come at a high cost, causing both downtime in production and a hit to your company’s bottom line. Our two-minute automated back flush process will save your company money and reduce downtime. The 40 year operational design life as well as a maintenance free filter bed ensures continuous efficient operation.


Why our filters make a difference

PaintReduce the Need for Rework and Improve the Quality of Painted Products

Significantly reduce wasted production due to necessary rework caused by paint contaminated with weld balls. The Milhous BallMatrix filtration system is by far the most powerful tool to keep weld balls from building up in your paint system. Operating with a 12,000 gauss magnetic field, the BallMatrix boasts a 99% efficiency of weld ball removal, guaranteeing that your Pretreat/E-coat paint system operates at optimum efficiency.


No Filter Bed Maintenance Required

There is no need to spend time or money replacing or cleaning the filter bed over the 40 year operational life of the BallMatrix. The amount of time, and most importantly, revenue, that is lost due to down-time from filtration systems maintenance is a thing of the past with the BallMatrix. Our automated back flushing process takes only two minutes from start to finish, and requires no personnel; our system runs itself. This means for 40 years your production will never stop due to filter bed maintenance.


Maximum Efficiency on Minimum Power Consumption

No matter the liquid, particle size, or flow rate, the BallMatrix removes 99% of iron particles from your process fluid. In addition to its superior efficiency, the amount of energy required to power the BallMatrix is only 16.5 kVA. The math is simple:



Commonly asked questions

Why would I switch to a more expensive product than I currently use?

Because we guarantee you will see an immediate return on investment. The BallMatrix filtration system is the most efficient, low maintenance filter on the market. We also offer a performance guarantee for filtration efficiency. Your current system may have a lower up-front cost, but lost production due to filter maintenance and lower filtration efficiency will add up to far more than the investment of a BallMatrix filtration system. Speak with a Milhous professional to learn more about our performance guarantee.

Will it affect the quality and/or performance of the paint?

No, we had lab-analyzed testing done on paint filtered through our system to look for loss of pigment and other qualities. Filtering through the BallMatrix has no effect on quality of paint. Speak to a Milhous professional to learn more.

Does your back flush process cause us to lose paint?

Our filtration systems can be configured with an auxiliary back flush inlet that allows you to use an alternate back flushing fluid. But even our standard system is carefully engineered to ensure that you will experience minimum paint loss during the back flush cycle. Speak to a Milhous professional to learn more about our minimal fluid loss volumes.

Is the electromagnetic field dangerous?

The BallMatrix filter will not affect the health of anyone who comes in close proximity of the filter. The following is an explanation of common misconceptions about this technology:

Electromagnetic Frequency and Cancer/Leukemia:

Some epidemiological studies have suggested that a link may exist between exposure to power-frequency electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) and certain types of cancer, primarily leukemia, and brain cancer. AC fields induce weak electric currents in conducting objects, including humans, and have been a focus for research on how EMFs could affect human health. However, the BallMatrix Filter DOES NOT utilize AC magnetic fields but instead generates a magnetic field via a DC-powered magnet and therefore does not pose a health risk due to electromagnetic radiation.

Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices (CIEDs or Pacemakers):

The overall risk of adverse events related to electromagnetic interference (EMI) in recipients of CIEDs is very low. Therefore, no special precautions are required during exposure to low magnetic fields. Environmental and industrial sources of EMI are relatively safe when the exposure time is limited and distance from the CIEDs is maximized. The risk of EMI-induced events is highest within a hospital environment where MRI, radiotherapy, and electrosurgery are routinely practiced.

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