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APS-U Fast Corrector Magnet

Located at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory, the APS produces extremely bright, high-energy X-rays that are used by over 5,000 researchers across the globe every year. For example, researchers in the field of spintronics recently used the APS to study spin current propagation across material interfaces, producing key findings that could ultimately facilitate the creation of smaller, faster computer processors and other electronics.
Milhous recently assisted with the APS upgrade (APS-U) project aimed at replacing the facility’s existing electron storage ring with a more powerful multi-bend achromat lattice by manufacturing 165 eight-pole fast corrector magnets for the project. This massive upgrade will allow the APS to generate X-ray beams that are up to 500 times brighter than those produced by the original APS.

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LCLS II LCLS II Superconducting Quadrupole
MIR sextupole MIR Sextupole
Tesla pulsed power coils 25 Tesla Pulsed Power Coils for Sandia National Laboratories
6,100 HP Motor for Kuhlmann-Wilsdorf Motors 6,100 HP Motor for Kuhlmann-Wilsdorf Motors
NbTi quadrupole NbTi Quadrupole and Dipole Superconducting Gantry Magnets for Procure Proton Therapy
SCL laser bending quadrupoles SCL Laser Bending Quadrupoles for Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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